Meeting New People in Your Apartment Community

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A great way to make yourself feel at home in your apartment community is to make friends with the people living around you. But how do you go about meeting the people in your complex? Here are some simple tips.
1. Be Friendly – The next time you're taking out the trash and notice a new face, say hi and introduce yourself. When you go to check your mail, chat up the person who is also checking his mail. You may be surprised how quickly bonds can form.
2. Get Social – We host quarterly, monthly or even weekly social events. These events are a perfect way to meet your neighbors since everyone is there to socialize.
3. Be Active – The list of amenities that drew you to the apartment in the first place is a great way to meet the people that live in your complex. For example, when you go to the community gym or community room, think about inviting your neighbor to join you. The friendlier you are, the quicker you will make friendships that may even last a lifetime!

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